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Letter of Authorization and Porting Request

Which account are you porting this number to?

What is the name of the existing phone company you are porting away from?

What is the account number

With your previous carrier, which name or business is your account under?

What is the Service Address for the services with your previous provider?

Please list the numbers you would like to port to us.

Yes, I am porting all numbers.No, I am leaving some numbers behind.

Your losing carrier will require us to provide a copy of your bill with them as a Proof of Ownership. Please provide us a copy of your most recent bill here.

Yes, I agree to the Terms of Use and conditions of porting at

Be sure to sign your full signature. Partial or blank signatures may result in a rejection by your previous provider.

For security, what is date of this signature and approving this port request?

How to use this form?

This form is required for the porting process. It is used to upload and submit a Proof of Ownership and provide permission for us to submit your porting request to the current provider of your customers.

Please be sure to complete all fields as accurately as possible, and sign below to authorize Simple Phone Company to port your numbers.

What’s next?

After completing this form, you will receive an email confirmation. Once we receive and approval (or rejection), we will contact you right away with that email. Remember, the porting process can take a week or two, so be sure to allow ample time for the porting process to complete.

Your services will be remaining working until the approved porting date time, so be sure not to cancel with your current services and until after the porting has completed. Canceling before your porting completes may prevent your number(s) from porting.

Need help?

If you have any questions or trouble, please contact our support anytime.

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