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Connect all your favorite phones, apps, devices, and more.

About Us

Our mission is “Simple Phone”.

 At EBS+LARS, we build communication services developed for people over profit. We’re passionate about developing intuitive solutions for everyday teams, powered by uniquely personalized support and resources.

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We’re dedicated not just to being a great phone company, but a great partner for installers and agents who work with us locally. Learn more about our generous Partners program.


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Come help us change the future of communications. We’re currently hiring to meet the needs of our customers and growing operations. View our open positions and generous benefits.

In the Community

Our team is excited to bring our resources outside of our offices and into our communities. From cancer walks to discounts for non-profits, we’re dedicated to benefits our communities as we grow.

Why Us

When considering a communications and phone service provider, you should know how each is designed up front and behind the scenes. We believe we’re different and here’s why:

Why Us


When planning new features, we consider all feedback. In short, feedback is what drives the direction of our service. Thoughts sent are directly delivered our leadership and developer team.

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We’re always happy to help, and we’ve developed a variety of incredible resources to take your service further. Contact us online, by phone, via email, or chat anytime.

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It’s not a fairly tale, but it’s pretty close…

It all began with EBS+LARS, a technology consulting firm in Southern California. Their humble beginnings did not originally envision communications services when it began supporting internet-powered telephone solutions for its customers, by request. After months of frustration and disappointing results from many existing third party phone providers, an alternative phone service was developed from the ground up to better serve their customers. It was offered accompanied by EBS+LARS’s acclaimed support, and was later prepared for a broader spin-off.

In August of 2009, the phone service was spun-off as the EBS+LARS and began offering nationwide residential and business telephone service availability. The original concept continued, to offer affordable voice services powered by the internet, and support the product in a uniquely personal way. Within months, the small company began to grow to add customers from around the country.

In March 2011, the EBS+LARS launched an online fax solution called Additional services were also launched through 2012, as Hosted Phone Servers was launched, and the team began to grow to support our growing customer base.

In October 2012 SwitchBoard, an impressive portal for manage our single line services like Simple Phone, was launched as a free upgrade to all customers. Hosted Phone also received continued refinement and service upgrades to larger customers. During the spring of 2013, EBS+LARS added additional features and made large investments in expanding data center presence around the country.

Through 2014, additional resources and network upgrades were focused on to prepare for our biggest launch yet. In October 2014 we launched Hosted Platform, the first redundant cloud-based phone service that followed the same popular pricing model “by the line, not by the phone” pioneered with Hosted Server. During that same time we tripled our network footprint, made significant investments across the network to handle growth and expansion, and we launched our entire brand and site to better follow the look and feel of our new enhancements.

With 2015 behind us and 2016, we continued to balance product and business development. We continue to invest and innovate in great features like our updated Platform portal, introduction to our co-pilot Managed Network plan, and usher in a new uses for Apps, Devices, and more– without compromising our pricing or quality offerings. An enhanced focus on our community efforts has also been an exciting addition to our progress, offering discounted services and support for benefit organizations and non-profits.  EBS+LARS has never been more simple, and the 2017’s roadmaps continue the same dedicated focus on managed concierge-style support and dedicated personal experiences.

In early 2018 to launched exciting to updates to our Voice Platform for Call Center Queue-ing and much-requested receptionist Console features. We also launched an updated and lower priced Managed Network serviced called Simple SDN. With much planned for 2018, we’re excxited to grow and build on our incredible features.

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