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Voice Platform – Smart PBX – Conference Bridges for Users

Voice Platform – Smart PBX – Conference Bridges for Users

This guide will walk you though setting up individual Conference Bridges for users in the Smart PBX app. Users can have a unique Conference Bridge for any conference number and manage 3+ callers at one time.

  1. Login to Platform (

  2. Once logged in, select Apps at the top right of the page

  3. Click on the Smart PBX App

  4. Conference Bridges will require a Primary Conference Number, to add one click Main Number

  5. Click on the Main Conference Number section, then press Add from Spare Numbers or Buy Numbers to order a new one. (Buying numbers?  Here’s how)

  6. If using an existing number, select the Spare Number and press Add selected numbers

  7. Once a number is assigned, click on the Users tab

  8. Click on the User Features of the user you want to assign the conference bridge to

  9. Select Conference Bridge

  10. Press the switch to Enabled

  11. Enter a Conference Room number (This number must be unique and cannot be currently assigned to a User or Callflow)

  12. Click Save Changes

Confirm the user has the conference bridge with both the Green indicator and the Black Chat bubble icon within the user features.

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