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Voice Platform – Callflows – Voicemail Boxes

Voice Platform – Callflows – Voicemail Boxes

This guide will show you have to create Voicemail Boxes in the Callflows App of Platform Advanced.

  1. Login to Platform Advanced (

  2. Once logged in, locate the Apps at the top right of the page

  3. In the Apps menu, select the Callflows app.

  4. Click on the Callflows button
  5. On the left, select an existing Callflow for the Number or Extension you are configuring Voicemail for

  6. From Basic Actions, drag Voicemail onto the Callflow

  7. Drop Voicemail onto the User/Device, Number/Extension, or Menu feature you’d like Voicemail to be the next step for.

  8. Now select an existing Voicemail Box from the drop-down and press Save, or press Add a new mailbox to create a new one then continue to step 9.

  9. Select Add a new mailbox

  10. In the Voicemail Box configuration page, enter the details, and press Save.

    • We recommend using the Extension number as the Voicemail Number
    • The Default pin 0 + Extension number (For Example: Ext 103 Voicemail Pin: 0103)

  11. Click the green Save Changes button, to apply the changes to your Callflow

That’s it!  Now dial *511 (or press the message key on your phone) to access VM, enter your VM Box # (extension) and PIN (0+extension).

Once logged into a new VM Box, for the first time, the system will guide you through the initial setup.

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