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Voice Platform – Callflows – Creating Menus

Voice Platform – Callflows – Creating Menus

This Guide will walk you through adding the Menus into Callflows:

  1. Login to Platform (

  2. Once logged in, locate and select Apps at the top right of the page.

  3. Click on the Callflows App

  4. In the Callflows view click on the Menu option

  5. Click on the +Add button

  6. Configure the Menu by adding a Name, setting Record PIN (call to record greeting), and checking Allow caller to dial extensions.  Select an existing recording from the Greeting Message drop-down, or press Create to upload one.

  7. Press the green Save button, then select the Callflows app at the top left of the page.

  8. Click on the Callflows button

  9. Create a new call flow by pressing the +Add button

  10. Click to add number and assign an available phone number or extension to the call flow

  11. Find the Menu action and move it to the Callflow

  12. Drag and drop the Menu action item onto your number(s).

  13. Connect callers to the Menu you’ve created in the drop down and press Save

  14. Begin creating your Menu options by dragging actions onto it

  15. Select the Menu Option you’d like to use for each action.  (This is what callers will press based on your recording to reach people or features in your system.)

  16. In this example, callers will press 1 to reach the Admin Desk.  (Press the number above each Menu action to adjust.)

  17. Once finished, press the glowing green Save changes button at the top of your Callflow.

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